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At the road, two low buildings flank an entrance courtyard which is reminiscent of the peristyle of an ancient villa. Towards the garden, the appearance of the house is as a compact, unadorned structure with narrow, upright windows and a semicircular tower with loggia.

Pale limestone, mahogany parquet, cool stucco-lustro walls and flat steel railings dominate the interior space. Light and shade conjure forth the effect of the architecture with its stereometric forms:
"I have defined architecture as the art of creating graphic impressions through the arrangement of objects. The impact of the object emerges from its mass. From the impact of the masses comes also the art of bestowing character on any given building. The true talent of an architect lies in his ability to give expression in his works to the glorious magic of poetry."
(Etienne Louis Boullée: Architecture; Essai sur l'Art)
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