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This college of philosophy and theology is located on the outskirts of the city of Ibadan, home to over a million people. The masterplan proposes a clearly structured campus with entrance pavilion, dining hall and utility tract, as well as a library and teaching area.

For cost reasons, a smaller and more compact building was realised in the first instance. The living and teaching spaces surround a sheltered internal courtyard. A low tract, housing the administration rooms, dining hall and kitchen, adjoins with the square private chapel at the entrance. Together with the square teaching room in the internal courtyard, which has been rotated slightly out of the otherwise orthogonal pattern, these structures dominate the entrance.

Projecting concrete slabs above the windows throw sharp shadows onto the façades. These brise soleil serve as protection against the high-lying sun. In order to adapt the architecture to the prevailing subtropical conditions, the windows are formed of louvers, tilting glass lamellae that provide the interior spaces with constant cross ventilation from two sides. The doors are handmade units formed of dark tropical wood; likewise, all railings and window grilles were individually fabricated on site. Small local craft enterprises also built all fixtures and fittings according to our plans, using heavy mahogany.

This design, with the unadorned prismatic structures from which the building has been composed, attempts to do justice to an image of Africa, as it was seen from distant Europe. Thanks to the large degree of manual craft provided by a huge number of workers, and the many small adaptations of a number of details during the course of the works, the Ijokodo College has now indeed become a fragment of true African architecture.
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